Money saving and budgeting apps that help you stay on top of your finances
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Best Personal Finance and Budgeting Tools for 2022

These budget apps above vary in their features, scope, and methods — but they all are popular among our users.

How to choose a budgeting app

Your personal financial life can be greatly impacted by choosing the right budgeting app. The first thing you need to consider when choosing a personal finance app or budgeting app is what your needs and goals are. With the right app, you can gain valuable insight and specific data about your expenses and savings. In order to determine what budgeting app is best for you, consider the following: fees, features, security, and customer service.

The Best personal finance books in 2022

How to identify the best budget apps

Our favorite apps let users do the following:

  • - Synchronize several financial accounts (and choose not to sync).
  • - Rather than simply tracking past transactions, make informed financial decisions in advance.
  • - You can create custom categories and view expenses by category.
  • - Get alerts when bills are due.
  • - Collaborate with other users.
  • - Mobile and desktop apps are available.
  • - In addition to showing credit scores, net worth, and investments, we also gave unofficial bonus points for nice-to-have features.